First Congregational Church of Albany
First Congregational Church of Albany

Prior Ministers of Our Church

Before uniting in worship on December 19, 1956, the membership of our church was also served by the First Christian Church.

First Congregational Church

(Organized July 1850)


First Christian Church

(Organized May 1881)


Ray Palmer, D.D.  1850-1866        E.C. Abbott 1881-1884
William S. Smart D.D. 1867-1889 P.W. Sinks 1884-1885
Jame McLeod D.D. 1889-1893 C.L. Jackson 1885-1889
J Brainard Thrall 1894-1897 John Hainer 1889-1891
Archibald L. Love D.D. 1898-1904 Chas. McGlaughlin 1891-1893
Frederick R. Marvin 1904-1905 P.A. Canada 1893-1897
Charles S. Hager 1905-1927 Horace Mann 1897-1899
Richard O. Ficken 1928-1941 Fraser Metzger D.D. 1899-1901
Lee Fletcher 1941-1955 A.C. Youmans D.D. 1901-1910
    F.G. Coffin D.D. 1911-1919
    R.G. English 1920-1923
    W.C. Hook 1923-1926
    A.C. Youmans D.D. 1927-1935
    J.E. Fiebiger D.D. 1936-1940
    E.S. Chedister 1941-1949
    J.E. Redinger 1949-1951
    C.B. Gould 1952-1954
United December 19, 1956
              Lloyd R. Stamp                                                  1955-1958
              William R. Hampton 1959-1982
              Paul S. Fraser 1982-1987
              Marian P. Shearer 1988-1991
              Edgar N. Kemp, Jr 1992-1997
              Sandy Hulse  
              Randy K. Hammer  
              Tony Green  

Worship Service is held at 10:30am every Sunday and is followed by our Coffee Fellowship


405 Quail Street

Albany, New York 12208

(518) 482-4580

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